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Drivers Groups Worldwide

Union Jack

     Association of British Drivers     

Association of British Drivers The anti-vehicle brigade are using people's justifiable concerns about safety and the environment to pursue their own agenda, which is to get you out of your car by making driving expensive, uncomfortable, slow, and annoying. The main motoring organisations don't seem to be standing up for their member's rights, so the ABD was formed to represent the interests of the British driver. This site also contains many links to other sites with useful information about how Government, environmentalists, and self-appointed "safety campaigners" are distorting the truth to push through their anti-car legislation.

Stars and Stripes

NMA Logo

National Motorists Association   An American organisation, similar to the Association of British Drivers, who were largely responsible for America's 55mph limit being removed. (See, driver's groups CAN get laws changed! Join the ABD and help change ours!) U.S. based, obviously, but has a lot of information and links which are of interest this side of the "pond".

Maple Leaf


SENSE (Safety by Education Not Speed Enforcement)  Canadian site about the authorities' obsession with speed rather than improving driver skills. Very interesting! (They've got many links to newspaper articles, etc, so it might be easier to find what you want by using their text based site map.)

Australian Flag


National Motorists Association of Australia    From the land of Neighbours and Home and Away (but we won't hold that against them!) the NMAA represents the interests of our cousins the other side of the world. They were the first to endure "Operation Victoria", shortly to be sicked onto the long-suffering British public, so visit the site and give them your support.

Other Driving-related Sites


United Road Transport Union   The only British Trade Union dedicated to the interests of lorry drivers and others in the road transport industry. If you're a lorry driver you need to be a member.

PDA Logo

Professional Drivers Association   Relatively new organisation working for better conditions for professional drivers, and for more understanding between lorry drivers and the general public. Some very interesting discussion forums - take a look!

Jurisdictions Using Photo Radar  A page from the SENSE site above, listing Canadian and U.S. authorities who use speed cameras. Why should that be of any interest to anyone who doesn't live in Canada or the U.S? Well, several places have taken the cameras down and they're apparently BANNED in the states of New Jersey and Wisconsin. Ontario, Canada, removed all theirs around 1995 because the leader of the administration said they're just "an Orwellian cash grab", and British Columbia removed theirs in June 2001. Is the writing on the wall for British speed cameras?

Americans Against Traffic Calming  Are you getting fed up of "traffic calming" speed humps, which are popping up like toadstools after rain? This site has links which suggest that they don't do any good, they're becoming unpopular with the public, they delay emergency vehicles, and they increase pollution. They may even CAUSE accidents! Some administrations in America are withdrawing funding from hump programmes and reviewing the rules, making it harder for them to be installed. Read up on humps, bookmark the site, and you'll be well armed when they announce plans to clutter your town with humps!

Reasonable Drivers Unanimous  Another American motorists' group. Some more interesting info and links. (The opening page is a short questionnaire. If you don't want to fill it in just press the Enter button at the bottom of the page. The next screen will tell you you haven't given your e-mail address, but will allow you to enter the site anyway.)

The Bombs in your Dashboards / The Jordan West Webpage   Two sites about the possible dangers of airbags in cars. The guy who created these two sites obviously feels that they're dangerous, which is understandable because his young grandson was killed by an airbag which deployed when the car nudged a flower tub at 5mph. Cybertrucker makes no claims for or against airbags, but these sites raise some important questions. Read them and make up your own mind.

Non-Driving Sites

Currency Converter Converts from any currency into any other currency. Just select two currencies, type an amount in the first currency, and press the button.

Babelfish Translation site. Translates to and from French, Spanish, or German - often with hilarious results...

If you're fed up of Management, unimpressed by Mission Statements, and tired of customer-driven pro-active Managers who lurch from crisis to crisis expecting you to rush around sorting out their mistakes, you'll love The Dilbert Zone. Based on the book "The Dilbert Principle" by Scott Adams, it takes a poke at modern management. You'll find cartoons, a brilliant spoof Mission Statement generator, and loads more. Very accurate, very funny and in places hilarious.

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