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Revision History
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Date Revisions
  • Major re-build of "Links to other sites" page.
  • Added link to new Aussie Motorists group.
  • Corrected link to SENSE (Safety by Education Not Speed Enforcement)
  • Added links to Americans Against Traffic Calming and the United Road Transport Union.
  • Added some new links. (Indicated by New!)
  • Moved "Links to other sites" to seperate page, reducing size of main page by 20% (which should reduce loading time by the same amount).
  • Improved appearance of Links page.(Well, added a couple of logos!)
  • Added links to the Truth About Europe Campaign and Chris Ward's motoring pages.
  • Moved URL-Minder from main page to Revision History (this page).
  • Minor improvements to some page layouts and changes to HTML code.
  • Added Revision History
  • Simplified movement around Home Page by adding Navigation bars.
  • Added article "The Toxicity of Environmentalism".
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 3.1 by changing all file names to 8+3 format.
  • Minor improvements to page layouts and changes to HTML code.

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